We do not send spam

At MELUA.FR we use state-of-the-art technical measures such as FCrDNS1, DKIM2 and SPF3 to authenticate our electronic mails as GENUINE.

It is YOUR e-mail provider job to check that the e-mails you are receiving are not forged4.

If you received spam impersonating our domain in your INBOX, your provider probably doesn't respect these worldwide standards.

Here are our own solution to fight spam : OpenSMTPD5, Rspamd6 and Sender Score7

OpenSMTPD Rspamd SenderScore

  1. Forward Confirmed Reverse DNS 

  2. Domain Keys Identified Mail 

  3. Sender Policy Framework 

  4. Email spoofing 

  5. OpenSMTPD 

  6. Rspamd 

  7. Return Path Sender Score